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Thinking of Joining Us?

An increasing number of individuals, businesses and organisations are finding that they would like (or need) to have an existing site redesigned.

The Internet is the fastest-changing medium through which we advertise what we do but what was effective advertsing yesterday is today's forgotten website. This, especially, applies to people who have had sites designed by friends  who can "do a bit of web design" or those who've designed sites themselves. Such sites rarely perform well. We can take any site you have which, for whatever reason, you're unhappy with and we can redesign it so that it closely meets your current goals.

This service includes:

  • handling the move from your existing hosting company to our high-performance servers for you (with no loss of existing data) and with the absolute minimum of "downtime" for your site,
  • registering a new domain name (if you're unhappy with your current one) or moving your existing one to us,
  • redesigning your site from the ground up after full consultation with you to ascertain where you and we feel weaknesses lie in your existing site and where your current goals call for change,
  • redesign of existing accompanying stationery.

The whole process will be easy and may well save you money on your existing scheme.


Thinking of leaving us?

Obviously, we're sorry to hear this.

As part of our guarantee, we promise to put your goals before our own. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with an aspect of the service or product you receive from us, we will almost certainly be able to remedy this. Contact us and let us put it right.

This said, we do not believe in tying clients into long-term contracts with us. This is why we only offer monthly and not annual subscriptions. You are free to leave at any time. If you choose to do so, we will provide you with a CD containing your entire product, plus information about how your product was created, to make it easy for you to move to another company.

We wish you well.