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Secure Online Selling with PayPal

PayPal is rapidly becoming the defacto method for sending and receiving payments through the Internet. It is extremely secure (some would say much more so than banks!).

At Myrddin Design, ALL of our online payments are made through PayPal. You may, of course, pay us by cheque if you prefer.


Using PayPal to Pay Us

Some people do not have PayPal accounts. You DO NOT need one in order to pay us. You can use any Credit Card or Bank Account including Business Accounts.

It works like this...

After we have spoken to you about the work you'd like to us to do, we will create a secure area within our site which only you have access to. We'll provide you with the credentials you'll need to access this area and explain how to get in.

Here, there'll be a number of pages which you can use to manage your account with us. One will be your payment page. There'll be a breakdown of the products and services you have asked us to provide with clear pricing and a series of buttons which will allow you to make payments for products and set up Scheduled Payments for services.

At no point do we have access to your bank details: we never ask for them and keep nothing about your account on record. PayPal handle this for us but pass no account information to us.



Using PayPal to Receive Payment in an eCommerce Solution

If we design a site for you which accepts payments online (to you from your clients), you DO need to set up a PayPal account. This can be a Personal or Business account.

We can explain how to do this. It is extremely easy and secure.

Payments to you are made online and your money ends up in your PayPal account. If you want to move it into a standard Bank Account (Personal or Business), your PayPal Account Pages allow you to do this at the click of a button.

Again, we have no access to your PayPal or Standard banking details.

Here are some of the features we can enable in your online payment system:

  • Shopping Cart,
  • Scheduled Payment Setup,
  • Receipt of Donations,
  • Gift Certificates,
  • Staggered Authentication & Capture,
    (allowing you to take payment later than customer funds are secured, say when you need to manufacture a bespoke product)
  • Refunds, and
  • Immediate Notification of Purchase.